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Tracy Graziani

Tracy loves people, small businesses, and the local movement. She’s passionate about seeing other people succeed, which is why she splits her time between her marketing agency, Graziani Multimedia, and her startup, Tog Loft. She’s also a mom, wife, daughter, friend, artist, writer, and doer of impossible things. She believes in infinite possibility, so look out, she’s dangerous.
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Nobody cares if you're #1

by Tracy Graziani | Jul 25,2017 | 0 Comments

The other day I was driving down the road listening to the radio and a car dealership claimed to be the number one Ford dealer in Ohio, or Central Ohio, or maybe the nation. Honestly, whatever they...

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Doing good is good business

by Tracy Graziani | Jul 13,2017 | Marketing, Social Ventures, Public Relations | 0 Comments

Whether buying a pair of Tom's shoes or seeking out LEED certified office space, American consumers and businesses alike are increasingly concerned with the ethical DNA of the companies they buy from.

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The 5th "P"

by Tracy Graziani | May 12,2017 | Marketing | 0 Comments

Quite possibly since the dawn of time colleges have been teaching the four "Ps" of marketing, and I've always found this philosophy lacking. While product, promotion, price, and placement matter,...

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