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Tracy Graziani

Tracy loves people, small businesses, and the local movement. She’s passionate about seeing other people succeed, which is why she splits her time between her marketing agency, Graziani Multimedia, and her startup, Tog Loft. She’s also a mom, wife, daughter, friend, artist, writer, and doer of impossible things. She believes in infinite possibility, so look out, she’s dangerous.
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How to tame the Trolls

by Tracy Graziani | Mar 10,2017 | Social Media | 0 Comments

One of the biggest things that brands fear on social media are "Trolls." Not the cute ones with the neon fuzzy hair, rather the ugly ones that live under bridges and write nasty things on...

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What is a persona in Inbound Marketing?

by Tracy Graziani | Mar 04,2017 | Marketing | 0 Comments
"Buyer personas are fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers. Personas help us all -- in marketing, sales, product, and services -- internalize the ideal customer we're trying...
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What to post on social media

by Tracy Graziani | Mar 02,2017 | Marketing, Social Media | 0 Comments

Sure, you’ve heard that social media could really help grow your business, but when it comes down to it you find yourself staring at the screen with no ideas. How do you know what to post on social...

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