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How to explain SEO to your boss

by Tracy Graziani | Sep 19,2017 | Web Design, Marketing | 0 Comments

I don't know if there is any single aspect of digital marketing that is shrouded in more mythos and misinformation than SEO, which by the way, means "search engine optimization." Many don't know...

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Show them the ROI

by Tracy Graziani | Aug 29,2017 | Marketing | 0 Comments

Whether you are CEO, CMO, Marketing Manager, or an associate the days of marketing by impression are over. If you aren't being asked now, you soon will be expected to show the return on investment...

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The 4 most costly marketing mistakes to avoid

by Tracy Graziani | Aug 13,2017 | Marketing, Smarketing | 0 Comments

Marketing can be expensive, and so most businesses want to get the most possible impact out of their investment. Yet time and again many complain that they feel they just aren't seeing the ROI on...

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